'I’m Tired and I Want Nothing That I Don’t Already Have' de Precious Okoyomon

Actualizado: 12 may 2021

Si hay una obra que fascina a Hans Ulrich Obrist @hansulrichobrist, Director Artístico de Serpentine Galleries, Londres, es 'I’m Tired and I Want Nothing That I Don’t Already Have’ de Precious Okoyomon:

"For Precious Okoyomon (b.1993), there are no boundaries between poetry and visual art. As Precious told me in a recent conversation: 'There is no separation for me between them. […] I’m inspired by poetry and that influences me and then I just make the objects that remind me of my poetry that I feel I can physically hold and see.'

Okoyomon's Gesamtkunstwerk brings together text, installations, drawings and also theatre as in the play at the Serpentine 'The End of the World', where they rescue their characters from classical antiquity and Christianity, where the angels of light, death and the sun have fallen to earth and a reckoning is coming.

During a recent residency at the Luma Foundation in Arles Precious focussed on drawings of flowers. The flowers in 'I’m Tired and I Want Nothing That I Don’t Already Have' are part of a dreamscape and their world is a living poem. Yet the flowers are in anguish, their burning ground is pointing us to the ecological catastrophe.”

- Hans Ulrich Obrist -

Thank you Hans Ulrich Obrist for your contribution.

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